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Generative Artwork
Exhibition 14. July 2018
Palazzo Zenobio, Venice, IT

Living Traces

Collaborative work Florencia S.M.  Brück, Cory E. Holzinger,  Marianne Mettler, Eda Sarman, Eva Videnska, Zackie Despoina Zachariadou with Natan Singiglia

Our concept began by observing a behavior of disconnection between bodies and spaces, human and cities. So we decided to create two scenes expressing their relationship. In the first scene  particles get emitted from people to represent the traces we leave that will eventually become the echoes of the past. In the second scene particles are autonomously generated creating a virtual space. There is an ilusión that people pass by thinking they don’t affect the place and just observe it from a distance. But in reality human interaction in the space is highly connected and defines its identity.

New Media Art Certificate.jpg
master class New Media Art
International Summer Academy of Fine Arts and Media | Venice
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